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This woman is really awesome !

I knew Lau from a friend of mine, at a certain point in my career, after taken steps backwards and feeling as if I would not be able to ever get back to a senior level.

After the first (surprisingly emotional session for a cartesian financial expert like me), Lau was able to guide me in understanding that I was not simply concerned about my career - she identified multiple fields of my life which had been neglected ! She identified and clearly guided me through needs and values that were important to me, explaining their relevance and relation to my feelings and behaviors - things I was completely ignoring and pushing aside!.

We worked on all actions that can be taken to improve in order to achieve more satisfaction that were directly related to my personal needs, values, feelings and goals. And I experimented them. So my mind and my behaviors changed. It seemed to be so simple. Lau was engaging, prompting me at the right moments and ensured that I was able to understand and respond in a manner that was more natural to myself. She also helped me to identify the importance of self-love through self-esteem.

We covered more topics than I expected, shed some tears, worked through emotions, spoke a lot (while she patiently listened and made me repeat when I was speaking toot fast !) to reach an end goal where I am more comfortable with myself, able to identify needs which require actions, taking care of my real self and have significant improvement in my personal and professional live ! Now I can say that I am aligned to what I truly want and good things are happening. It is a kind a magic and I can't explain it better than above.

The sessions with Lau were effortless, fun and entertaining, I was often looking forward to the next session and now miss them. I really recommend her if you feel insecure and frustrated towards the life you are living. Talk with her. This woman is really awesome.

Jaco 34 years old (Luxembourg)

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