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A life changing experience

At a dinner party, one of my friends mentioned that he had followed these amazing sessions with Laurence. He described his experience and results, but what really impressed me was that he looked so calm and confident, like somehow at peace.

Ever since I remember, I was restless, feeling like I fell short on being a good friend, daughter, girlfriend, in general like I had to constantly try better. In a way, I knew I had a wonderful life but I was not enjoying it. So I decided to contact Laurence and give it a try. I was not sure of how the whole process worked and also, not really sure of what I wanted to improve as I was already "doing my best" but I just dived in with an open mind.

I would describe the sessions as wholehearted and not nonsense allowed. Talking with Laurence is easy, she has a warm personality that invites you to open up, yet, she doesn't coddle you. In the sessions, she helps you change your perception of things, and with the tools, she helps you to discover what is important for you, that ultimately changes the way you interact with yourself and the world around you. The process can be tough at times, facing oneself is complex, but with the guidance of Laurence I truly felt supported.

Some months have passed since we concluded the program. During this time, I had experienced some events in my life that required me to be strong. I feel grateful that I was able to manage everything with genuine strength and confidence and the outcomes were the best.

I know that what I've learned during the sessions will help me through the rest of life. Thank you for everything dear Laurence.

Love, Lupita (33, Luxembourg)

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