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Motivation is NOT ONLY a soft skill

Motivation is referred to as the extent to which one persistent effort is directed towards the attainment of a goal or set of goals.


More than being energy-consuming, motivation includes a set of biological and psychological mechanisms that allows people to put effort and show persistence toward the accomplishment of their goals.


The more motivated somebody is, the greater commitment they will demonstrate. In order for someone to be motivated, they should consider their goals meaningful as their brain tends  to perceive meaningfulness as a reward.


My mission is to align your mind, body and soul so that your actions suit your personal ecology (referred to as the balance between what your brain considers rewarding and unpleasant).


 With coaching and knowledge from neurosciences, you will be able to develop your motivation, self-confidence, your vision and integrity in ways that fit your needs and values. Getting help from a coach will allow you to find the deep meaning of your personal life. 


This subject is of top concern for Human Resources professionals as work teams increasingly face stress, anxiety, and uncertainty resulting from the pandemic and causing unemployment to rise and things to change. Whether professionals or students, COVID-19 has had a large impact on communities, entailing social isolation and disrupting every area of life.

With this said, coaching might be the solution to cope with all of these issues. 

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