The way we conceive our environment and the pathway towards happiness is contingent to genetics. Specifically just how our neurons interact with each other. Genetics consists of all the molecules and biochemistry components an individual is born with. In addition to genes, factors including social and interpersonal relationships, culture, and technology are key in influencing the ways we perceive what surrounds us, which in turn influence our feelings and behaviours. Should this be uncomfortable, individuals can learn how emotions arise and tailor the reality to their needs and expectations.

You need a motivational and a neuro coach when you see your children dealing with sudden attention problems, such as difficulties to create relations with others, being sick and tired about school and future. I will help them to program new connections in their brains to feel more confortable and joyful with themselves, their family and the chose they have made. 


Also, the need for personal/professional coaching if you’re feeling yourself without energy, motivation, mentally exhaustion and that your only solution you see is to stop the cycle and to scream to the whole world “just leave me alone”. We will find the way for you to achieve the goals that your yourself feels integrity and bring it to you and your values throughout your all life. 

you do better when you know better

It is a very special gift to understand the links and interactions between thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Our thoughts or system of thoughts system depending on our beliefs, our identity, our programmers (family system and social organizations like schools etc…). We don’t know that we have power on our programs, we have also the power to keep the most constructive beliefs, and the better positive system throughout. 


Without this knowledge, we are still driven by emotions. With a coach, you will be able to deal and learn about your emotional quotient (EQ). May be you will want to become an emotional intelligence master. Coaching with neurosciences systematically use emotions such as messengers which are driving you into action. This is how you will be a better empathic communicator and that in itself is a mandatory skillset.


We know now that teenagers or students do not have brain’s connexions completely fixed. That is why we are so helpless faced to their rebellion which can last a long time. Don’t panic anyway and stop feeling guilty. They just need to deal with their emotions, you don’t have nothing to do with the situation. The answer is in their natural and neuronal connections, their mental representations impacting their emotions will become a clear path. So please don’t laugh at them, don’t tell them your story, they reached their vulnerable position, call a neuro coach. 



We often want to be familiar with the concept of identity and who we are, our parents, friends, society want us to be. The recurrent question is are we deeply ourselves and how do we know that. Huge question.  How about our beliefs, fears, shadows that we repressed. Why are we procratinasting at times ? Why are we sometimes a perfectionist ? Do we feel fine with this role ? What Covid taught us about our existence within our family, our community and our friendship in this new society ? Do we feel confortable to speak in public, to express our opinion, to present arguments without changing our minds a few minutes later ? 


All persons need to be clear about who they are, and what their self-worth is (confidence levels , needs etc…) Our children do not listen, they observe and reproduce what they see. We need to accept our responsibility in education and globally in the world in order to have productive and respectful children/adults in the future. 


A coach can help you to achieve as to what you want to become, by thinking of your childhood heroes, your mentors, y will discover that we love them because of their inner character, and above all because of  their values etc… As our brain, our neurons don’t make the difference between real situations and dreamed one … so you know now that can decide who you want to be.


How to create the conditions to reengage confidence and motivation

Your brain is like the hard disk of your computer, it keeps all datas in the subconscious experiences. It has all the answers to all your questions. It is exhausting ! All your failures or bad experiences, as well as good ones, are referenced and indexed. But brain prefers negative ones because of its reptilian part. Sorry to disappoint you, your brain is not programmed for happiness. It is only dealing with surviving. That is why it is important to take on self discovery through one  and one coaching. it releases the endorphins that have been asleep for quite a sometime. 


Our brain can learn whatever we want to learn. We can achieve whatever we imagine. It is not a question of potential, or intelligence, or willingness. It is just a question of powerful intern brain dialog (the 4 lobes), new strong connections for decisions and actions.  Some people don’t like new… or just fear what they do not know or practice. ​It is easier for your brain to give up and renounce rather to make efforts during the 21 days process to create new connections and do the job at hand which is required.

​In organizations, we can no longer conform to rigid experiences and existence. The challenge is not to soften personnalities, but to awaken strengths through tests and learnings can which create value without shame and capability. 


As I have explained in the introduction of my web site, that life was no longer the same since the development of numeric environment and globalization, time is running, information and knowledge are spreading at a much quicker pace, sometimes false or quickly obsolete, we really know how to make the difference. This is not taught in families or schools and universities. 


Our brain, our neurons, our conscience are defining our condition of human behaviors. It is not a condition to deal with adaptability and knowing how to deal with all this information. Adapting ourselves is linked with learning. Please, whatever you do coaching or not, never stop learning !! because our hidden potential for all of us, is exactly that, it is hidden and it is our job collectively to find retrieve our capabilities in order to take the opportunities that we will be faced with throughout our lives.


Sometimes we fail, we have to accept. This is a fact that we know that we’ll face many beginnings and others with experience but their trajectory, the sense is ours and nobody can judge it. To be stable, and to confront it, coaching in neurosciences is motivating to strengthen their personality to learn what to learn, how to learn it, and how to master it, in your own building system. 


We are not all born with the same biochemic predispositions and of course, we are not gifted for the same material or immaterial things. But we are perfect like the universe…as the universe adapt itself, we can do the same and can all clean and learn. Our goal is to make sure that you live the best life. The tools I will give you will better prepare you for a more successful and gratifying experience. 


We are responsible for that. There is no only one method to innovate or create value, but there is an ethic way where you can find the best ideas and team spirit to adapt yourself to competitive and really tough environments.


Learning to think out of the box, not to judge one’s position  etc…engaging in adopting new practices to develop managerial or non managerial innovation for the well-being of your teams is the new deal.

The future, your future is the only thing that you yourself have control of !!!