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The “neurosciences” date from the 1970s. They designate all the scientific and medical disciplines studying the nervous system, which include psychiatry and clinical psychology according to the terminology of the European Union. Neuroscientists are neuroscientists who strive to better understand the brain, to understand where and how to treat neurovegetative diseases (Alzheimer's, etc.) and also to influence society not in a scientific dimension but by combining knowledge complementary. Their levels of analysis on the brain are at the same time molecular, cellular, synaptic to those more integrative which relate to the behavioral and cognitive functions.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In my coaching and training activity in management or neuro management, also designed for young people aged 18 to 25, these last two conceptual pillars are the core of my activity, my knowledge in management and in terms of behavioral skills (softskills) in are the branches. They include various subjects such as cerebral plasticity, neurons, hormones, neurotransmitters, biochemistry, physiology ... in the service of understanding the mechanisms of behavior and in particular of learning, pedagogy, attention , etc… in a digital economy context.

Neuroscience is "the understanding of the psyche / physiology relationship with a view to 'right' action, when both head and body contribute inseparably to the personality." I thus respond in a differentiated way to the issues of trust, adaptability, motivation and commitment of my coachees.

Unconditionally positive and constructive, through a powerful questioning method, I accompany you on the path of a balanced relationship (to you, to the other, to the environment) to adapt serenely, in confidence and in awareness to the challenges of your life, by managing your emotions, by controlling your stress, by developing your capacities, while respecting your values ​​and your identity!

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