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My name is Laurence Maire. I am specialized  in personal/professional coaching in the scope of neurosciences. I am accredited and certified from the Parisian Institute of applied neurosciences (INA) based too in Montréal.


My goal is to assist people of all ages and back grounds, so they can successfully optimize their brain capacity to achieve their goals or face the changes. As well, I am accredited to work alongside with entrepreneurs and organizations to help all of them becoming a better and bigger vision of themselves and developing their personal leadership.  


For the pas two decades, I worked through volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment, (high education). This work  demanded my constant learning and adaptability, as well as dealing with different people from different generations and backgrounds. I am proud to say I have successfully completed 15 years in helping students with academic and professional paths and educational forum.  This long experience, gave me the vision and the knowhow to develop subtle but effective skills and specially soft skills I am now able to teach. 

I firmly believe in diversity and equal opportunities for everyone. My purpose in e coaching is to connect you to your unique personality, dreams and talents, and to give you the tools for what you want to solve or to improve.


I have mentors and inspiring masters like my husband (of course first), but also Simon Sinek, Brene Brown, philosophers and of course David Lefrançois but above all, I have humanist convictions.


I invite you to visit my website and if you would like to know if I can help you, just send me an e mail. The first e-meeting is free.

À propos



Neurosciences is a multidisciplinary science dedicated in better understanding the nervous system. The brain is one of the most complex system in the universe and understanding how it functions is a real challenging question for scientists. Neuro scientists can now investigate the brain and its connections at many levels from the molecules at synapses. They are able to explain behaviors thanks to biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology, mixed with behavioural sciences and cognitive psychology which are the two main basis for my activity. Thanks to MRI and MF they dedicate themselves to solutions for neuro diseases which are spreading through our society. Maintaining productivity and motivation to optimize brain functions depends on your neurons.  


Knowing about neurosciences is very helpful for coaching experience to build or correct globally a mindset. Neurosciences are relevant to optimize attention, concentration and learning with brain plasticity, and to physiologically enhance performance through neuro transmittors activity and health in coaching those scientific elements to a faster body and soul alignment in a unique and global personality, which is yours.

Coaching is not psychiatric therapy. It is an investment of about 12 hours through 2 or 3 months to solve a problem or achieve an objective. In neuroscientific and motivational coaching, you are exclusively present and future oriented.  With a coach, you will build and choose your path easier due to a stronger  active listening, powerful questions, positive attitude and a specific integrity.


Investing in a coaching is taking time for yourself to better organize your neurons connections  to achieve your goals. Then, you have a better and closer relation with yourself and your personal environment in respect of values and identity for all changes you actually face in today society.

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